What is our Military Grade Laser Tag

Laser Tag has been around for many years but normally it is played indoors with futuristic neon pistol type laser guns that are wired to a colorful vest. This system shoots 40 or 50 feet and the kids run around in a maze shooting everything that moves for a 10 minute period usually costing you over a dollar per minute of actual playing time. The other option is hiring some person in a truck to come to your house and rent laser tag guns so you can run through the neighborhood shooting each other. These weapons are not much better as far as realism, accuracy, and wireless equipment.

Real Thrill of Combat in a Safe Environment

Our outdoor laser tag experience is the next evolution of laser tag as we combine authentic wireless weapon platforms with custom built military scenario playing fields. Our outdoor laser tag is an adrenaline filled game using military grade weapons that shoot a harmless infrared beam of light up to 1,000 feet while playing on challenging fields filled with military fortifications and bunkers. Our realistic weapons platforms allow players to experience the thrill of combat in a safe, painless, and fun environment. Many of us enjoy playing “1st Person shooter” games using these exact weapons. It is time to get off the couch, grab your favorite weapon and experience for yourself the adrenaline rush you can’t get sitting at home.

No Goggles or special glasses required

Each 3 hour experience offers different scenario games to include team death match, capture the flag, remote bomb, and much more. Players can instantly re-spawn in designated spawn areas as well as locate ammo and first aid stations in the playing area to extend lives. No goggles or special glasses are required to play as the infrared beam of light is completely safe and pain free. Laser tag is fun for the whole family! We do have weapons that weigh less than 2lbs. So players aged 8 years and up can enjoy the excitement of laser tag.

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